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TED: How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries

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Creative Clouds

Is cloud computing just meteorology for the technically savvy? Who uses it and who should be using it? Can creative people get involved in cloud computing? In recent months I’ve learned the extensive use of social media for artists, creative thinkers, business aspirants, entrepreneurs and global enterprises but what is the relationship between social media and cloud computing?

Answer: If you’re using the internet, web-based applications and services such as social media sites you are already cloud computing.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected; be it for concept collaboration, academic research, knowledge sharing, artistic expression and economic growth, connection networks must be supported by infrastructure. If network infrastructure can be virtual then where best to construct this architectural phenomenon than the sky; by cloud computing giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. By removing physical constraints we are free to communicate through the virtual world from all corners of the physical world. Information, knowledge and creative formations can be conducted, communicated and collaborated through cloud computing networks to facilitate artistic and creative projects across the globe.

Most individuals and small businesses use free of charge services such as Google, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and Slideshare but cloud computing service providers also offer secure, private and mostly reliable networks for sharing more sensitive information, these services work on a utility bill/ pay as you go basis.

So should we stick to painting, writing about and studying clouds or is it time to get real and realise that even cloud huggers need to understand the basics of cloud computing? Yes, it’s time! Even though cloud computing is most useful to large companies with massive data warehouses requiring shared resources, the technological revolution will result in all individuals needing to engage in a virtual world to express a creative contribution to human evolution and global consciousness.

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Where do good ideas come from?

One of The RSA’s (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) most innovate speakers –Stephen Johnson, emphasizes, in the video posted below, that being more creative leads to more innovative organisations. Johnson questions “what are the spaces that have led to historical creativity and innovation” He finds that there are recurring patterns crucial to the environment where innovation takes place. Most ideas do not come in the form of ‘eureka’ moments but mature over time, sometimes years. These ideas only germinate under favourable conditions, often when met with relative circumstances or complimentary ideas.

I once interviewed the Irish entrepreneur Peter Cronin, Business Director of Alaymont International- a Business Coaching and Training company, on being innovative. He told me that when he was a year and a half old his parents discovered that he had mild cerebral palsy. His mother told his siblings not to help him with anything. So he always had to find a solution to anything he couldn’t do. Peter would never let anyone tell him he couldn’t do something. He had been going through the process of innovation his whole life. He managed obstacles by becoming a problem solver. The Human brain uses innovation as a survival tool that is often only accelerated in a ‘fight or flight’ stress response, however, when highly motivated, we release the adrenaline hormones that enable us to tap into this resourceful part of our psyche and therefore create relative innovations.

So if motivation and collaboration is what is needed to excel great ideas into tangible projects then what platforms exist in Ireland for young people to share their thoughts? Taking inspiration from platforms such as ‘TED’, a non profit organisation bringing together the worlds most fascinating thinkers, this blog aims to create an engine of innovative thought.

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Where Good Ideas Come From…

Annelli Nealon- Exhibition of Paintings (2005- 2011)

Annelli Nealon- Exhibition of Paintings (2005- 2011)

A collection of paintings by me to get some creative juices flowing!